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birthannouncement_to email The first came easy, number two was a breeze then three..my oh my mom and dad really had to work to get Georgia here.  Yet another Dr. Odum success story.  Dr. Odum is the grandfather of a beautiful client of ours and a Christian based fertility specialist in Savannah.  Maybe mom will read this and feel compelled to share the entire story with you.  I warn you – you will need a box of tissues.  The poem they used on her announcement sums it up and yes they are truly blessed!


  1. Thank you Lori for showing off our beautiful baby girl. You are correct in saying
    that we had to work hard to get her here. Our story, unfortunately, is like so many
    others I have heard. We have 2 wonderful daughters that were relatively easy to
    bring into the world. Elizabeth (7) and Mary Hanon (5)are just the joys of our lives
    We loved them so much that we wanted another child to add to the happiness we were
    experiencing. This is where it all begins. We lost a baby at 6 wks. in 2004, another
    baby at 8 wks. in 2005 and thought our hearts would break. In 2006 we got pregnant
    again and were thrilled to make it past the 6,8 and 10 wks. mark. We had had 3
    ultrasounds at this point and the baby had a heart beat and was developing perfectly.
    At our 12 week ultrasound we just knew everything was okay and were staring at the
    screen with amazement that God had created something so tiny and precious. We didn’t
    notice at first that the technician wasn’t saying a word. She looked at us with these
    sad eyes and told us there was no heartbeat. We were crushed, devastated and that
    doesn’t fully describe the heartbreak. We had already told our girls, they were 4
    and 6 at the time. We waited a day or two to figure out a way to explain this to them.
    While we were making cookies, a couple of days later, Jason and I told them that the
    baby’s heart had stopped working and that she couldn’t grow anymore. We told them
    that the baby was in heaven and that Jesus was holding her. They were fine with
    that explanation. What a marvelous thing, the trust of a child. After a few weeks
    some lab work came in to reveal we had lost a little girl. (We were obviously
    supposed to have girls.) Well, it took a lot of prayer to come to the decision to
    try again. We contacted Dr. Odom, who is a friend of the family. We met with him
    to try to understand what was happening to our babies. Ultimately we discovered
    that it was a combination of things. I had a problem with blood flow to the baby
    and an immune issue. My body was fighting the babies. After 8 months of
    consultation and trying, we got pregnant with Georgia.
    With God and Dr. Odoms help we were able to come up with a solution and I
    began daily shots and medication. I wanted to trust that everything would be okay.
    I knew God had a plan, I was just anxious to find out exactly what it was. We had
    decided that if something went wrong we wouldn’t try again. We were thrilled and
    over joyed on January 14,2008 when our little miracle finally arrived. We were all
    beside ourselves. Elizabeth and Mary Hanon couldn’t believe she was here after such
    a long wait. Our lives have forever been changed by Georgia McCathrin. She and the
    girls are such a joy. The love of our family and the Lord have sustained us through
    it all and we are truely blessed.

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  2. Thank you Carla and Jason for our little angels. We fill blessed that we have our beautiful grandaugthers. We thank God for giving them to us and for the both of you for not giving up, even though it was like sitting on needles and pins and watching our “baby” going though so much. Thank you for your determination and your trust in God. You are truly wonderful parents and we love you. Also we are very thankful to Dr. Odum for all his knowledge and support.

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