By: Jennifer Woodward – Statesboro

We were expecting triplets, and we couldn?t have been more excited. We had wanted children for so long. Unfortunately, it was not an easy pregnancy or delivery. I received several blood transfusions and amniotic fluid reductions in the hospital before the babies were delivered. I was on [...]

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By:  Susan Allan – Statesboro

As I look back on the last nine years we have lived in Statesboro I see the threads of these years that have been woven into our lives, creating lasting memories ….
As I look around my house at the photographs that represents the days of our [...]

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By: Michelle Meyers Smeltzer – Savannah

Three summers ago, Lori created a beautiful beach portrait at Tybee that touched our families lives.  In this special portrait taken of us you see such a wonderful loving Mother and Father/Husband and Wife/Daughter and Son/Grandmother (MeMe) and Grandfather (Papa) .

Just last August, that same portrait [...]

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By: Randy and Linda Powell-Jones – Statesboro

Linda and I would like to thank you Lori for one of the most memorable experiences we have ever shared together; visiting your studio and working with you, DeWayne and your staff.  What a wonderful time we had!  Discussing your art, developing our idea of what we [...]

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By: Lisa Oliver – Claxton

In the last 4 1/2 years I have learned how special portraits can be, and thanks to Lori the portraits themselves are special.  On December 10, 2002 my 10 year old son Clay was killed in an auto accident.  Lori remembered creating portraits of Clay when he [...]

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Your Story: “Amazing Grace!”

On August 4, 2007 By

By: Avis Coleman – Savannah

This portrait of my child and me has a special place in my heart. It?s the only one I ever had done of me with one of my children. At about 20 ?22 months, I took each of them to Lori Grice Studios for their portrait in [...]

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By: Jennifer Morriss – Statesboro

When a friend of mine called to let me know about this contest, I thought I?d never have time to get it done. She phoned me at noon, and the submission is due at 5pm.! I went home for lunch still thinking about the essay contest but, [...]

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By: Carolyn Lynch – Vienna, Virginia

We visit our cousins in Savannah every Labor Day weekend and in 2005 we decided that we wanted some special pictures of our 9 month old son Shane. We live in Northern Virginia and this would be our son?s first professional photo shoot.

We got your [...]

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By: Stephanie Slaton Owens – Statesboro

Each year in the spring, we take a group picture with all of our employees.  During our 28 years in business, Dingus MaGee’s has seen many people come and go while most have touched our lives in some way.  Within these walls, many lasting friendships have [...]

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By: Cheri Alderman – Ellabell


T- here were many things going on that day?

H- e wasn?t feeling well and we all knew it?

E- ven Lori experienced the blunt force of his harsh words?

R- arely in his last days did we see the man we all loved so [...]

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