Awards, International Recognition, High Profile Clients are just the icing on the cake for my life and career. Daily my clients tell me that my photography has an indescribable difference. Many of them have even tried other photographers who work very hard to make their work look like “Lori Grice.” Somehow, in spite of all these new opportunities photographically, they find their way to me and one by one they are moved to tears when they see my artistic creations of their family.   Many of them have spent hours reading my blog, Facebook pages and looking through every inch of my web site. What they see moves you in incredible ways. They wonder if I can do the same for them and their family. Will I be able to artistically capture them like I have all the others? To answer this, you must understand a few things about me and my story. What you see on my web site is not a “best of” collection of images that I have spent hours retouching and overworking to convince you to call me. Every image displayed on my web site, blog, social media, marketing and in my galleries are actual portraits created for actual clients over the past 25 years.  They are real people, not hand selected models, from all walks of life.

Each one of them has a similar commonality and that is their life story.  Each life is different and uniquely filled with wonderful highs that only can be appreciated after wading through a few deep valleys.  My images represent a 25 year journey with a goal of working everyday with every client growing to become the very best portrait artist in the world.  Never taking for granted the tremendous responsibility you are entrusting me with each time you step in front of the lens of my camera.  But why do I see things so differently?  Why is there so much emotion captured in every image I create?  Why is my gift as a portrait artist so uniquely different?  How do I consistently create breathtaking images, for every client, every session?  I think you must know my journey to understand the answers to these questions.

Twelve years ago – my world turned upside down and inside out.  God gave us the most incredibly precious gift anyone could ever ask for – a terrific & beautiful little girl.  After a 12 year journey, with lots of ups and downs, after almost giving up and exploring adoption – our daughter Edie Grace arrived.  Over and over, clients and friends told me that there was no way that I could truly understand love until I held my own precious miracle in my arms for the first time.   Nothing has ever been truer.  Edie Grace has become our world.  She has been my creative rebirth in so many ways.

After a 12 year struggle to bring Edie Grace into the world – I learned when she was only 14 months old that I had cervical cancer.  In fact, I had my first surgery on my 33rd birthday.  I breast fed Edie Grace for the last time the night prior to my surgery.

This was an epiphany to me, however.  If I did not make it through the surgery or survive the cancer – I realized that the ONLY way Edie Grace would know me was through pictures.  She would have no cognitive memory, at 14 months old, other than pictures.

How ironic – the gift I give to parents every day – is the ONLY way my child would know me – had I not survived.  Well God had another plan for me.  He knew that many of you needed to hear my story and to have your story shared through the lens of my camera.  Every portrait I create is special – but none are more special than the ones I have created since this spiritual and creative rebirth.  I understand the incredible importance of my job in a way I had never understood before the arrival of Edie Grace and the survivorship of cancer.

When I speak around the world – sharing my story I end my speech with a slide show.  It is our story through pictures and it is set to one of my favorite songs by Tim Mcgraw “Live Like You Were Dying” which is my challenge to each of you.  Life really takes on a whole new meaning when you do this.

Thank you, Edie Grace, for adding the value and meaning to my life that it needed.  You have inspired me to work harder and stretch my creative abilities in ways that seemed unimaginable.  All that in the last TWELVE years!