Forsyth Park…

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2530-5_0x7_0-04A-Q01 [Desktop Resolution] With Edie Grace only having 7 days left of school, her birthday, Mother’s day deadlines, ect… I have gotten VERY behind on blogging sessions.  Please forgive me!

The catch up begins today!

We had so much fun playing with this beautiful little girl.  With eyes like hers, you think her Daddy will ever be able to tell her no?  I know I wouldn’t be able to!  Her dress was hand-made by her grandmother and first worn by her aunt.  I am always in awe of sewing talent!  I took sewing in high school.  Thank goodness I am handy with a camera because we wouldn’t fare very well if we had to depend on me and my skills with a sewing machine!2439-5_0x7_0-07A-Q01 [Desktop Resolution] 2470-8_0x10_0-03A-Q01 [Desktop Resolution] 2440-5_0x7_0-08A-Q01 [Desktop Resolution] 

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