Happy 1st Birthday Racer!

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Baby's first year-Baby in Tire

Years are going by way too fast these days.  It seems like only a few weeks ago when Racer’s Mom talked to me about our Baby’s First Year program.  Racer would be her 4th baby.  His Dad teased that he was the only person in town shopping for a vehicle for his oldest and a car seat for his baby all at the same time.  Having one child can sometimes overwhelm me so I am constantly in awe of my client Mom’s that have big families.  They handle everything so calmly…I am always impressed by their ability to get it all done.

Racer is such a cool guy!  His smile lights up the room.  Being the baby of four definitely has its’ advantages!  He is one lucky kid to be loved so much by so many.  Racer’s big brother races cars.

Thanks for choosing me as the portrait artist for Race’s first year! 

If you are expecting or know someone that is contact me – Lori Grice today to reserve your spot in our highly popular and awesomely creative baby’s first year program.


Family portrait-baby's first year


Family-Siblings-Baby's First Year


Baby's First Year-Barn-Baby Wearing Daddy's Hats



Baby's First Birthday-Happy Birthday-Baby's First year-Smash Cake


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