It is Time to Invest in a Lori Grice Portrait

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For nearly three decades, Mothers and Grandmothers throughout the South have celebrated and honored their families through Lori Grice portraits.  Each of them will tell you that Lori’s portraits transform their houses into homes.  Honored internationally, recognized regionally, celebrated locally and valued extensively by her clients throughout the South, Lori Grice’s artistry will emotionally impact you in unimaginable ways.  Anyone can take your picture but Lori Grice will tell your story for generations to admire and enjoy.


Long time Lori Grice client Jill Powell describes the impact of Lori’s artist creations. “My home is my personal art gallery that encompasses one of the most beautiful, priceless and extensive collections of art that anyone could assemble.  Every piece varies in size and medium from traditional portraits on canvas to hand painted oils.  Each one of them was created by Lori Grice especially for me.  They feature my children and my family.  As you walk through my home and view these magnificent pieces of art, there is no question what I value most.  Lori has done a masterful job in creating a beautiful body of work that capture us perfectly and tells our life story in a remarkably way.”Boy_at_gate

Lori’s work profoundly changed after a battle with cancer, when her daughter Edie Grace, was only 14 months old.  “I realized that if cancer won, the only way my daughter would remember me was through portraits.  This is the gift I give my clients every day.  My portraits become a window into their soul….one that will always take them back to this wonderful place in time”, said Lori Grice.  “This is why I must be a perfectionist at what I do.  This is why I put my heart and soul in every portrait that I create.  I value life and the responsibility of sharing it, like no one else will.”eloquent_woman_gun

Have you ever considered what your legacy will include?  Certainly your family is the pinnacle but how will your grandchildren’s children remember you?

“There is no responsibility greater than capturing a child or a family and freezing a wonderful moment in time, knowing that generations will relive this very moment.  There are literally thousands of people with cameras who can take your picture, but what I work to capture is the essence of you which is much more than “just a picture.”  It is your story, told either through a single portrait, a collection of portraits throughout your life or an album that eloquently and artistically tells your story,” explains Lori Grice.  “I don’t remember anyone ever regretting a single portrait commissioned.  I can’t even count the number of times people have mentioned the guilt and regret of not investing in portraits.”

Lori recommends five milestones in your life that investing in professional portraits is a must: 1) marriage, 2) birth 3) around five years 4) high school senior 5) generational portraits of your extended family.  As the regions only full service studio who is properly licensed, certified and insured you are not only guaranteed impeccable quality and creativity but also integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction backed up by three decades of delighted clients.Family_portrait_wormesloe_historic_park

From traditional portraits on canvas to hand painted oils and watercolors, Lori Grice is the artistic destination for you.  Schedule a no obligation consultation today to learn more about how you can experience the Lori Grice portrait difference by calling 912-764-7274 or emailing her at Lori Grice Photography is located at 34 East Main Street in Downtown Statesboro across from the Emma Kelly Theater.

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