Big Sister beach fun….

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0096 croped Big Sister Grace Hannah really wanted her portrait on the beach. (See Sea Island Summer Fun post) The storm had moved in and the wind was raging – however Mom and I LOVED this fun image.  We knew with better weather we could really create a perfect portrait of her.  We went over on another day to grandma’s house at Tybee and captured this image again just before the storm moved in.  This family really needs to outsource their rain attraction abilities to local farmers.  As the rain, moved in and I was preparing to leave – Grace Hannah, Hudson and Malone settled in on grandma’s sofa to watch a little TV.  I captured this image as they enjoyed snuggling together watching TV at Grandma’s.  OK here it comes another rush of memories of days filled with fun at grandma’s.  I will spare you another walk down memory lane.  One other interesting point however, the sofa they are sitting on is the same sofa mom was on when I created her bridal portrait.  Isn’t life good?

0040 Grace Hannah 0097 three cropped

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