Finally Free

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“In places like this…..Under the overlay of time,

I could feel the pictures form and dissolve in my mind. Years ago on this same beach, not many yards away, a placid pool left by the ebbing tide. One moment a three-year-old playing at the edge. The next moment —-incredibly—vanished…..In places like this….Why does time slide by so fast, I asked myself. Why does nothing stay?…..Yes, I thought, it does give strength. To find endurance all we have to do is seek our places where great and elemental things prevail.” This is an excerpt by Author Gordon, from his book, “A Touch of Wonder.” With this amazing book, Mr. Gordon challenges you to accept the book as an invitation to fall in love with life.

Few books will move you like this one does. It was through his writings that I really discovered the true meaning and often-unexplainable healing power of the beach. From my earliest childhood memories the greatest and happiest are the ones spent with family and friends at the beach. The beach has taken on an even more special place for me. I received our condo at Tybee Island, Georgia as a gift from my husband on my 30th birthday. The first night we spent at the beach our daughter was beginning her life inside of me. Much of my very difficult pregnancy was spent at the beach. No matter how difficult or challenging it was – I could sit on the balcony and look at the ocean and discover the peace and tranquility of the moment. After Edie Grace was born the first trip we made as a family was to our condo at the beach. So the beach has become a very special place to me.

The day I created this image was an overcast day with beautiful light just before sunset. Edie Grace had been wonderfully special that day. The dress was a gift from a special friend and the starfish – well it is my favorite symbol of the beach. It had actually started to drizzle – but NOTHING could dampen the energy and excitement of Edie Grace being “Finally Free” at the beach. I captured the image as she made a run for the ocean over the dunes disappearing into the sea Oates. And yes, she was three. The power of this image moves me on my darkest days. The innocence of childhood, racing forward, there is nothing she is afraid of, and nothing standing in her way. Arms outstretched making the statement that the world is hers…to shape and mold…to conquer. The starfish embodies the magic and power of life itself. It becomes the star to wish upon…..with the confidence and ability to believe that all things can come true. All the while, as an adult I appreciate that in a moment all of this will vanish. But for this moment, captured here – we can be reminded of all that is good and great!!

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