Oil Portraits of Children by Lori Grice

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Mathis-Oil-Portrait-of-child-1 Nothing is more embedded in southern tradition than hand painted oil portraits and/or canvas portraits.  We suggest having heirloom portraits completed between the ages of three to five.  Most importantly, we want to create this portrait before the first visit from the tooth fairy.  Once this change of life begins, their entire facial structure will change.  They lose their little girl or little boy look forever.  It is your last opportunity to capture the innocence of childhood.  If your child has a loose tooth, please call us immediately so we can capture the images for the portrait.  For the past 25 years, Lori has worked with the finest oil artists in the country, creating beautiful heirloom portraits that will become the centerpiece of any home.

This week we completed, delivered and hung the custom framed 24×36  oil portrait of this client’s child. Mathis-Oil-Portrait-of-child-2 I have photographed this beautiful family since their engagement and bridal portraits.  One of the most rewarding parts of my job is watching a family develop and grow through the lens of my camera.Mathis-Oil-Portrait-of-child-4







I have included before and after images so you can see how the oil transforms the image.  Every beautiful detail of this precious little girl is captured, from her whimsical expression, to the bone structure of her face to her adorable little toes and fingers.

Mathis-Oil-Portrait-of-child-3 Since we began the project to its completion, this little girl has lost almost all of her teeth.  You will see here the difference a couple months can make.  This is certainly a portrait that you must not procrastinate on.

Call us today at 912-764-7274 or email us at info@lorigrice.com to schedule a consultation and session for your child’s portrait. We have several portrait options available from traditional portrait on canvas to fine art hand painted oils.  We have options that will match your budget and taste.

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