Your Story: “I feel connected to them again through your portraits”

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By: Lisa Oliver – Claxton

Oliver family In the last 4 1/2 years I have learned how special portraits can be, and thanks to Lori the portraits themselves are special.  On December 10, 2002 my 10 year old son Clay was killed in an auto accident.  Lori remembered creating portraits of Clay when he was a baby and got in touch with me.  She went through all her old portraits and found every image that Clay was in and gave these to me.  Lori and DeWayne then asked me to pick out my favorite image and they had a portrait made and framed for me as a gift.  I can not express how special the portrait is.  It hangs over my mantle, and is my most prized possession.    On April 21, 2006 my husband Paul was killed in an auto accident, and I immediately looked for the portraits that Lori had made of our family.  When you loose a loved one, every photo is like a treasure.  Portraits bring back all the happy memories of time spent together.  Thanks Lori, when I miss Paul and Clay, I can just look at your portraits and I feel the connection with them again.

Forever grateful,

Lisa Oliver son


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