Your Story: “You are indeed a “Master Photographer!”

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Powel-Jones By: Randy and Linda Powell-Jones – Statesboro

Linda and I would like to thank you Lori for one of the most memorable experiences we have ever shared together; visiting your studio and working with you, DeWayne and your staff.  What a wonderful time we had!  Discussing your art, developing our idea of what we wanted in our portraits and then watching the synthesis of our dreams and your talent generate a wonderful collaboration of creative energy in your organization was both marvelous and fascinating!  What fun and joy!

Lori, your designation as “Master Photographer” not only sets you apart far and above other photographers, I believe it is recognition of the quality of work that you and your studio are producing; it is recognition that you have not only honed the technical complexities of your profession but have also mastered the ability to create a “Work of Art.”

Your ability to take an ordinary Joe like me and see how best to photographically define and accentuate the characteristics that are my best is well – I am grateful! (I never looked better!)  You are indeed a “Master Photographer!”  And Linda, in my opinion is the most beautiful woman.  You have captured her beauty and made it timeless.  Thanks again.  The portrait of our granddaughter Jenna is perfect also.  Now she brings a lot to a photographic session, (including a 2 year old’s boundless energy).  Your patience and remarkable abilities again “came to the fore,” her portrait is treasured; thank you three times more!

Lori Grice and Company, you have all given Linda, our family and me a very special gift, talent and a special kindness.  We appreciate all that you have done for us.  The business portion of our experience together was efficient and satisfying.  To anyone wanting to work with you I would commend them to your professionalism and courtesy and ability to immediately make a customer feel at ease.  These are all qualities that are not physically seen but do positively affect the “bottom line.”  In a way each of the Lori Grice employees are also “Masters.”

As I finish this letter I once again look at our portrait.  We never looked better!  We are in love and it shows!  Our hobby is ballroom dancing and that passion too is captured in our pose.  Although I was not called for duty in Iraq, at the time we were in your studio, I was awaiting orders and was expected to be “out of the country” very soon.  That “tension” between a soldier and his wife and the volumes it speaks within our portrait is also evidence of your skill as a “Master photographer.”

Linda and I hope to continue our relationship with you and DeWayne.  We enjoyed our brief time together and look forward to the time when we all get to meet again.  I hope I haven’t worn these words out – Thank You!

Randy and Linda Powell-Jones

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