Breast Cancer Surgery this morning….please remember Bev

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 IMG_0231 I remember the first day Beverly and Dustin walked into our church.  They were both tall – so they stood out.  In addition, they were young, vibrant and so full of life.  The recent newlyweds had both just finished law school and had located to Statesboro where they both accepted jobs.  Bev is a staff attorney in the Superior Court of Bulloch County and Dustin is at a law firm in Savannah.  We got to know them better through a life group which met weekly at our church.

A few weeks ago, after finding a lump on her breast Bev received the most terrifying news a woman could ever hear – "you have breast cancer."  With the faith of Abraham and the due diligence of Perry Mason – these two have tackled this bump in the road as aggressively as anyone I have known to go through this.

I had the opportunity to photograph Bev and Dustin and Bev’s siblings last week.  They have all come to town to support them.  After photographing the family they all left to give us some time alone.  Just before I left – I asked Dustin to share with Bev what made her so special that he knew she was the one and then tell her why he would do it all over again.  You will see from the collage of images – the reasons must have been pretty compelling.Collage1

I ask you to join me in praying for this beautiful, talented, faithful couple today.  30 is much to young to be going through this.  I do know that prayer works!  One of the most incredible sources of strength I received during my journey of fighting cancer – was the emails, notes and letters from absolute strangers who told me that their Sunday school class, church, etc. was praying for me.  Today is the 6th anniversary of my last cancer surgery – I was 33.  Like me – I know God has an incredible plan for this wonderful couple.  Pray for healing and strength to keep an open heart and mind so soon they will discover the reason for this medical challenge and how God will use them through this to touch so many people in unimaginable ways.

Bev has allowed me to place her email address here and I know she would love to hear from you today – even if it is only FIVE words…"I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!"  It will mean so much to them!

Email her and Dustin at:  IMG_0218

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