Edie Grace Opens Time Capsule on her 18th Birthday

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Edie Grace, our daughter, is 18 today. After 12 years of marriage, on our twelfth anniversary actually, we learned that God was granting our prayers for a child.

From that day, until now, Edie Grace has been our greatest blessing. Our hearts are overflowing by what a beautiful, compassionate, giving, smart young women she has become. Today, she gets her class C drivers license {from 16-18 you have a driving curfew and some other limitations.) She also finally gets to register to vote! Two things she has been looking forward to for years!

Seventeen years ago on her first birthday a wonderful friend, Diane DeLoach, gave us a “time capsule” to be filled with notes, gifts and items from her first birthday. The capsule was to be sealed and opened on her 18th.

We reached out to family members and close friends to help us fill the capsule and put it away. Lori and I were equally as excited to go through the capsule with her as Edie Grace was to explore it.

Inside we also included the guest list to her first birthday party and notes and cards she was given on her first birthday. Several of the people who contributed are no longer with us. This was powerful, seeing their writings and well wishes for Edie Grace.

Happy 18th Edie Grace!!
We can’t wait to watch what God has in store for you over the next 18!!!

One of the most touching items in the capsule was a birthstone ring that her now 95 years old namesake great-grandmother, Edith Hutchison, purchased for her and included in the capsule. When she purchased it, she was 78 and never imagined she would live to see her open the gift. Not only is she here, I think most days she is in better health than all of us. The most miraculous thing about this, was the ring fit perfectly. Here is the touching video of her opening the note from “Memaw Edith” with her watching and interacting as Edie Grace opened the gift:

Here are a few of the highlights from the capsule:

Edie Grace’s great-grandmother, Betty Grice, wrote in her handwriting her favorite Red Velvet Cake recipe.
Edie Grace’s grandparents, Rick and Cathy Hutchison included a note about 911 and this Alan Jackson CD with his title song “Where were you when the world stopped turning.”
This was from Janis and Toby Ellington. Everyone needs a little Cosmo and Ricky Martin to shake things up!
These handkerchief’s were hand made by Edie Grace’s great-grandmother Francys James who is no longer with us. She included a sweet note to Edie Grace also.
John signed this book to Edie Grace and sent it to us to include in the capsule.
“To Edie Grace: My prayer is that your journey through life is a success!”. John C. Maxwell
This was from Edie Grace’s cousin Sydney who now has graduated from GSU and is married to T.J. Pope.
Lori and I received hundreds of congratulatory emails when Edie Grace was born. We printed them and saved them for her along with notes telling her who each person is and our connection to them.
Cool Collectors Barbie a gift from Staci & Everett Kennedy
Edie Graces Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jason gave her this charm bracelet. They have been collecting charms for the past 17 years to add to it.

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