Edie Grace’s First Day of School – 10th Grade SHS

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Edie Grace's First day of School 10th grade

Isn’t it fun how traditions begin so simply, yet become so wonderfully fun?  It seems like just yesterday, that I was buckling up Edie Grace into her car seat for her first day of school.  Now she is driving.  How amazingly fast is time moving.  Lori and I are so proud of the remarkable young woman Edie Grace is growing into.  She spent her summer babysitting and working with Free Spirit Pottery helping with summer camps.  In addition to some fun and educational travel like White Water Rafting, and attending the Miss Georgia pageant where Betty Cantrell – the first Miss America from Georgia since 1953 – helped crown the new Miss Georgia,  and attending Sunday School with President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.  In under 12 hours, she was able to see two iconic people that remind us {regardless of political leanings} that you truly CAN do anything even if you are from “little ole Georgia”!

She also had her wisdom teeth extracted which was a bit of an adventure to heal from.  We were proud of how diligently she worked on summer assignments for her honors classes.  She also passed her Joshua’s Law driving school requirements to be able to get her driver’s license next May.  The highlight of her summer was traveling with Lori on a buying trip to the Atlanta MART and discovering that she is the size of most of the models.  Thanks to this stroke of luck, she is going to be sporting a pretty awesome back to school look.

It is fun to run into our clients and friends who have not seen Edie Grace in a while.  You all still fondly remember her as that spunky little girl who somehow has grown up before our eyes.  Edie Grace is beautiful, smart, courageous and confident in ways that I am certain I was not at 15.  In fact, my parents and teachers will agree, she has already completed more school work before classes begin than I did my entire 10th grade year.

We are looking forward to a enlightening and empowering school year.  Hope today and all the days of this year are filled with all the joy, love and excitement of today.

First day of School 2016-2017

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