Happy 15th Birthday Edie Grace Grice

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Edie Grace GriceToday we celebrate Edie Grace’s 15th birthday.  It simply does not seem like she can be 15.  Most of you still remember her as that miracle baby that completed her mom and I.  We thought it would be fun to look back at the past 15 amazing years with the most perfect daughter God could ever give us.  She came into the world with a bang and has not slowed down since.  She is a perfect mixture of her mom and I in every way.  We are amazed by her loving and giving heart and how passionate she is about making the world a better place for others.  Her relationship with God and how she has chosen to use her gifts to expand his kingdom in wonderful ways, warms our hearts.  We know she is special, but when others see this also, we are reminded of how it all began nearly 16 years ago on our knees in prayer with Michael and Audrey Guido in their home.  I think if they were still alive today, they would agree that God continues to answer the Edie Grace prayer in unimaginable ways.  She is our greatest gift.  Happy 15th Birthday Edie Grace.  Love, Mom and Dad.

We worked to put together a little video to remind you all what life is like in the world of Edie Grace.  Enjoy as we celebrate a few of her milestones:



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