A “True Blue” Grice Family Tradition…

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Edie Grace has continued a “True Blue” Family tradition that she wasn’t even aware existed. She has been dual-enrolled at Georgia Southern University during her Junior and Senior years of high school. While attending classes at GSU, she has also worked on campus for Campus Recreation and Instrumentals (CRI) at the RAC. This past semester she has been featured in a series of ads for Georgia Southern encouraging students to work on campus. Here is one of the ads.

Ironically, over 30 years ago, Edie Grace’s dad DeWayne (toting suitcase) was on the cover of the Financial Aid brochure for Georgia Southern College while he was a student.

A few years later, also student at Georgia Southern, Edie Grace’s mom Lori captured this iconic football image that was used to market Georgia Southern Eagle football. Lori’s image is still used today by the university to share the story of that magical period in Georgia Southern’s and our communities remarkable history.

It is pretty neat that Edie Grace is continuing the “True Blue” tradition of the Grice family, even if she was completely unaware of her parents roles in marketing the university while students also. The other notable tidbit is all of these have happened during the freshman year!

Here are more ways Lori’s image was used in 1988 to promote and build excitement about Georgia Southern Eagle Football.

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