DeWayne’s Bi-Lo 90 Second Shopping Spree adventure

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PC020036 Bi Lo grocery store in Statesboro has recently finished a complete and amazing remodel.  To celebrate they have had specials throughout the store.  In addition, they gave away gift certificates and two 90 second shopping sprees.  Edie Grace registered DeWayne for the shopping spree and he WON!  Last Saturday DeWayne and one other lucky shopper were allowed to get anything they could put in their grocery cart – in 90 seconds for FREE!

It was such a fun event!  The store staff marked off two rows and let the fun begin.  In 90 seconds he pulled in $363.10 worth of items.PC020031

We all had a blast with this and really appreciate the Statesboro Bi-Lo team for sponsoring this wonderful event.

Some of you reading this who are on DeWayne’s Christmas list should look closely at the items – you will be seeing some of them under the tree soon!

In addition to family gifts – we are donating other items to the local Safe Shelter.

Click here:

Bi-Lo 90 second shopping spree

to view the video of the full 90 second shopping spree if you want to see a fast shopper in action.  Notice the loving words of encouragement from his wife!

 PC020014 PC020006PC020021

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