$79 Family Express Sessions This Friday and Saturday

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This Friday and Saturday, February 8th and 9th, Lori Grice is offering a very limited number of easy, quick and affordable $79 “Express Sessions”.  $79 includes a quick session and your first 5×7.  These “no-excuse” sessions make is super easy to get the family portrait you have always wanted.

Many Dads and Daughters will be all dressed up to attend the annual Father-Daughter Dance so it will be super easy to drop by the studio with the entire family before the dance for an “Express Session”.  This is a quick and easy way to get Dad, while he is all dressed up, to finally take time to create the family portrait you have always wanted.  What better Valentine’s Gift could your husband give you than a Lori Grice family portrait? 

The number one regret our clients have is that they do not have a family portrait from their childhood.  Do you have a beautiful portrait with your parents?  Let this be your opportunity change that for your children. 

Life happens and things change very quickly.  Lori experienced this personally last year with the sudden passing of her Mom.  Regrettably, Lori does not have a family portrait with her Mom that includes her daughter, Edie Grace.   Stop procrastinating and do this before it is too late.

From the Express Sessions, Lori will help you pick the perfect portrait finish and size for your home using software that will help you see your portrait “virtually” on your own wall.  Call today 912-764-7274 or email her at info@lorigrice.com to reserve your Express Session before they all book up. Lori Grice Photography is located at 34 East Main Street in Downtown Statesboro across from the Emma Kelly Theater.  www.lorigrice.com

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