Kiwanis Fair Booth features Lori Grice’s Clients Testimonials

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2018 F air Booth LGPLori loves the fair. The colorful lights, the smell of pancakes, the sounds of heartfelt joy. It is a wonderful time to see our community come together to celebrate past traditions and make new ones for their family.  The fair connects us as a community in a magical way.  Some of Lori’s favorite memories were made at the fair with her grandparents, parents and her daughter, Edie Grace.  

Continuing a Tradition

The fair booth has been a tradition for Lori for nearly 30 years.  It is a way to share her artistry with the thousands of you who attend the fair annually.  To celebrate our fair tradition, we asked a few of our clients to share their testimonials as to why they choose to invest in Lori Grice portraits.  Our customers not only appreciate and value Lori’s portraits but they understand these are works of art that their family will cherish forever. 

Our client’s endorsements of Lori, their love for their portraits and their inspiring testimonials are the reason Lori strives to make every experience incredible and every portrait a true work of art.  

Investing in a Lori Grice 

Clients often share with us how glad they are that they decided to invest in a Lori Grice portrait.  We thought it would be fun to share a few of our clients reasons for choosing Lori.

Lori’s clients understand the importance of capturing the closeness and the connection of their family through fine art portraits.  A Lori Grice Portrait on your wall sends a message to  your children and your family that they are the most important thing in your world.  Lori’s portraits are a non-verbal way to communicate to their children what matters most.  This is significant and Lori understands how important this investment is and the story it tells.

Stop procrastinating and send a message to your family today by investing in a Lori Grice Portrait.  Learn more by visiting our website at, email at or calling 912-764-7274.

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