Lori Grice Portraits are the Perfect Christmas Gift

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How will your grandchildren’s, children remember you?  The older we get, the more we understand that our greatest role in life is to be a great parent.  Many of us become so focused on this goal that we sometimes forget to enjoy the journey along the way.  For the past three decades, Lori Grice has been documenting artistically the legacy, love and endurance of families.

“There is no responsibility greater than capturing a child or a family and freezing a wonderful moment in time, knowing that future generation will relive that very moment,” explained Lori.  “There are literally thousands of people with cameras who can take your picture, but what I work to capture is so much more than “just a picture.”  It is your story, told either through a single portrait, a collection of portraits throughout your life or albums that eloquently and artistically tells your story.”


While your family is home this Christmas, why not schedule the Lori Grice portrait session you have always wanted? 

With family dynamics changing every year, this may be the last year you have to create a portrait as your family is today.  If your children are about to complete college, the next portraits you will be commissioning could be for a wedding and would include your new expanded family.  Let Christmas be the perfect opportunity to allow Lori to create the portrait you have always wanted.  This is your chance to cherish “your” family one more time.

The number one regret our clients have is that they do not have a family portrait from their childhood.  Do you have a beautiful portrait with your parents?  Take this opportunity and change that for your children. 

Life happens and things change very quickly.  Lori experienced this personally this year.  Her mom passed away only 18 days after Christmas.  Regrettably, Lori does not have a portrait with her mom that includes her daughter, Edie Grace.   Stop procrastinating and do this before it is too late.

From traditional portraits on canvas to hand painted oils and watercolors, Lori Grice will help you choose the perfect portrait for your decor.  Gift certificates make perfect Christmas gifts.  To purchase a gift certificate or to learn more about how you can experience the Lori Grice portrait difference by calling 912-764-7274 or emailing her at lori@lorigrice.com. Lori Grice Photography is located at 34 East Main Street in Downtown Statesboro across from the Emma Kelly Theater.  www.lorigrice.com

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