Prayers from Fiji by Ellen Murkison – Statesboro, Georgia

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26c892_270a11fb8c584c92974c26adadf7514a.jpg_srz_p_291_445_75_22_0.50_1.20_0-1.00-255x390Prayers from Fiji: Everyone in Statesboro followed the story a few years ago about the Murkison family.  They went from obscurity to a household name overnight as they experienced the worst nightmare anyone could ever imagine.  Two years ago, on a fun family outing enjoying Christmas lights, their lives changed forever in a horrible car accident.  I remember as word trickled in over the next few days, weeks and months throughout the community about the roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences this family was undergoing.  Our hearts broke for them.  Through it all, however, we were most impressed by their remarkable strength and faith.

We all traveled this journey with them, through social media, and each of us had so many questions about the accident and subsequent journey.  We wondered about the details of the accident, how they found the strength to


recover physically and mentally while caring for their critically injured son, what sources of information they used to make what turned out to be lifesaving decisions for their sons, often going against the advice of the doctors, to how was their relationship currently with the drivers of the vehicles that night.

A short while after the accident, many of us packed the Emma Kelly Theater to listen to Dr. Michael Braz play a benefit concert to honor this family.  As our community has a long tradition of doing, we all gave generously and raised over $10,000.  The entire Murkison family attended along with Brian, also the emergency personal and medical professionals who played a critical role in their survival on that fateful night.  The miracle child, Brian walked onto the stage and assisted Dr. Braz at the piano and then spoke to the crowd.  There was not a dry eye in the house.  It is not often, you get to experience a miracle in such a remarkable and powerful way.Ellen Murkison, in her book “Prayers from Fiji”, allows each of us the opportunity to experience intimately this seemingly continuous nightmare through her personal journal. She answers all of the questions we pondered and so many more in a deeply personal way, from a mother’s perspective.

Ellen describes in the book how motivating and inspiring it was to know that strangers from all over the world were praying for her family.  One evening they were explaining this to their son Ben, when he asked if even people in Fiji were praying for them.  She explains how that led to a chain of events in a matter of hours that provided a positive response to Ben’s question.  Hence the title, “Prayer’s from Fiji.”IMG_4470-5_0x7_0-11A-539x480

She has done a masterful job through “Prayers from Fiji” in giving us an incredibly personal reminder of how precious the gift of life truly is.  It is also a wonderful display of the strength God can give you to overcome unimaginable odds.

No matter if you know the story or have never heard of this family, I encourage you to purchase this book and come out and meet this remarkable family.  The book will remind you how precious life is, how important a family and a community can be and most importantly how insignificant 99.9% of things we think are challenges in our life really are.

The Murkison’s have chosen to come back to Statesboro, where all of this began, to pre-launch “Prayers from Fiji” on Saturday, August 2, at 11 AM at the Averitt Center.  You can learn more about this family and their story and pre-purchase your book by visiting their website at: www.PrayersfromFiji.comIMG_4431-5_0x7_0-05A-430x283

‘Prayers from Fiji’ will be launched nationally on August 4th.

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