Goodbye Snooky’s – thanks for the memories!

Posted By on Friday, February 17, 2012 | 0 comments

This Saturday, February 18th, Snooky’s restaurant will close forever.  Snooky’s has become a tradition for over four decades in the ‘Boro.  If you have lived in the ‘Boro, you have most certainly eaten at Snooky’s.   Snooky’s was thrust into the national spotlight – thanks to the arrival of Coach Erk Russell.  He loved to begin his day there and could be seen sitting around the famous round tables most everyday after his retirement.  I have put together a video celebrating and preserving the memories of Snooky’s.  Thanks to Bruce and Carol Yawn for all you have done for our families and community through Snooky’s.  Best of luck to you both in your retirement.

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