Lori and DeWayne Celebrate 30 Years of Marriage

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WOW – where did time go?  Seems lIMG_7860ike just yesterday Lori and I were heading off to her Senior prom at SHS and now our daughter, Edie Grace, is a Senior at SHS.  The three of us have had so much fun going through over three decades of pictures sharing stories and memories.  Each picture we selected for our video tells a small but powerful story about our journey.  There is so much to share, so many mountain tops and a few too many valleys.  

Our marriage has been a partnership in life, business and parenting.   As we look back, every step along the way helped not only give us purpose, but shaped who we are today.  Individually and together, we are far from perfect.  But each day we try to focus on making a small difference in the lives of our clients, family, friends and community.

Lori and I were first attracted physically, but we soon learned that our past was quite similar.  Both of our Mom’s had conceived us in high school and the years that followed left lots of question marks for our future.  We bonded with this commonality and learned quickly that we were much stronger together than apart.  IMG_8005

Lori’s Dad loves to tell the story of our first meeting.  He and I were working together and for weeks I had heard stories from him about his beautiful, smart and talented daughter.  Then one evening, feeling sorry for a starving college student, he invited me home for dinner.  When I saw Lori it was love at first sight!  The next day he asked me what I thought of his daughter, I quickly replied sharing with him how beautiful I thought she was and that I planned to make her my wife someday.  We had not even been on a date! 

IMG_7859In life, we have always known what we want when we see it and somehow we always figure out a way to get it.

This dogged determination has presented so many opportunities for us that it doesn’t even seem real.  We have traveled the world.  Met many of the people we have admired the most and made friends with thousands of you.  We wouldn’t trade a step in this journey.

It is so much fun to look back, but what is truly exciting is our look forward to what the future holds for Lori, Edie Grace and I.

One thing is for sure, it will continue to be an amazing journey.  Certainly we know that no matter what life holds, the journey is so much better to enjoy with family and friends.  So here is to 30 more!

Enjoy this three minute video recap of our past 30 years:

Thanks to you for sharing this journey in whatever way God has placed you in our lives. 

May you be richly blessed for joining us along the way.

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