Lori on WTOC Mid Morning Live today

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 LG Mid Morning1 This morning I made my third appearance on WTOC TV’s Mid Morning Live with Jody and Sonny.

Click here to watch the interview on WTOC.  They invited me on the show to tell them about the ornament and our White House visit.

You will be happy to know that Sonny joins you in being an addicted Lori Grice blog reader!  So THANKS Sonny, for not only reading my blog – but also having me on your show again.

Jody and Sonny are really two of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.  They LOVE their job and it shows.  They also love sharing good NEWS.  The last time I was on the show many of you emailed me with LOTS of questions about the experience.  This time I asked DeWayne to take some "behind the scenes" pictures so you can get a feel of what it is like on the set.  The best way to describe it is organized chaos.

You asked me what Sonny and Jody are like in person.  Well, what you see on TV is what they are REALLY like.  Sonny – well he is even more animated in person than on TV.  He knows EVERYONE.  He will ask you about your parents, grandparents…and your grandparents neighbors and cousins.  He has an phenomenal ability to remember details – LOTS of details.  He ALWAYS has a kind word about you and SOMEONE you both know.  He is scattered – but controlled – thanks to Jody.  Now Jody is more reserved off and on camera.  She is incredibly composed and does her homework.  She also has an incredible memory and pays great attention to detail.  She  brings the "girl power" and the BALANCE that makes things tick around WTOC.   She is normally the first on the set – with her cue sheets and list of guest very organized.  As they begin the countdown to go live – in comes Sonny and the room lights up!

When the camera goes live – they blend together perfectly making the show interesting and engaging.

Sonny – did I describe it correctly?  We will all await your comments.

Thanks again for the wonderful honor of being on your show and for all both you and Jody do for the Coastal Empire.


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