Reserve your copy of “Fly with Me on the Wings of Hope” today…

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Sneak peak of the back cover:

"After losing her ten-year-old son Clay and husband Paul in two different auto accidents in less than 3½ years, Lisa Oliver found herself in a dark cocoon of grief.

But, just as the caterpillar hatches from its cocoon with new wings, new color, and new freedom, Lisa emerged from her sorrow a renewed believer. Her painful incubation stretched her faith, deepened her trust, and strengthened her confidence in God. As she awoke to a more intimate relationship with Him, she flew into freedom on Wings of Hope—the hope of comfort, peace, and eternal life given only by God.

Come along on this spiritual metamorphosis from bondage to freedom. Fly with Lisa on Wings of Hope!"


Faithful blog readers will remember Lisa from our "Your Portrait, Your Story" event in 2007 and from all the blogs about Edie Grace’s first grade teachers.  Read her "YPYS" entry by clicking here.

Reserve your copy of Lisa’s inspirational book today.  They will make perfect gifts for the Holidays!

Just email Lisa @ for more details

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