Three Guilt-Free Hours…

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One of my favorite days of the month is when my “Working Mother” magazine comes in the mail.  (Yes, I still do love getting mail just like when I was a kid.)  Working Mother magazine is a “must read” for any mom that works, has worked or plans to re-enter the work force at some point.  As a working Mom, there are just days (sometimes EVERY day) that you feel like you are drowning under the sea of responsibility.  Homework, laundry, work deadlines, traveling twice to the convention in Augusta this week, going to Atlanta last week, ect. ect.  We all have our never ending to-do lists!!!

This month’s magazine has a great article, “3 Guilt-Free Hours” written by Leadership Coach Jamie Woolf.  Jamie tries to educate her clients on how important it is to recharge.  Here is a quote:  “As a leadership coach, one of the first lessons I teach everyone–from executives to religious leaders–is this:  To perform your best and inspire the best in others, you need to step back from the pressure and nurture yourself.”  She goes on to say, “Whether they’re running a company or a carpool, joy is too often displaced by feelings of resentment and pointless drudgery when they don’t take a breather.”  Here is a shocking statistic… a BizRate survey taken recently said, “Out of 1062 moms polled, almost half (47%) said they were the ‘least happy person in the household’.”  That statistic really breaks my heart!  Unfortunately, I see it all too often in Mom’s I meet.  Everyone is looking for a little piece of HOPE.  Just a small sign that life will get a little easier.  We are all soooo blessed but we all work very hard trying to be the best Mothers we can be and that can take quite a toll on us. 

Click on this link and read the article and take the quiz. (working mother magazine)  It will help you find those precious three hours you need just for yourself.  You deserve it!!!

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