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IMG_3976 Daily I receive emails and calls from you regarding the Gudio’s.  Dr. Guido’s brother Larry is working hard to keep us all updated.  With his permission I will start posting these updates on my blog for all of you to read.  They are such an incredible couple and the impact they have had on our communities is indescribable.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Please take a second and send them an email at thesower@pineland.net  They LOVE hearing from you.

Feb. 13, 2009 Health Update for Dr.Guido

Since returning home from the hospital on Tuesday, Michael continues to struggle with the process of healing.  He is weaker than he has ever been, must be lifted to stand by his care givers and is hardly able to walk.  When he does so, it is a struggle. Additionally, he has contracted a serious staph infection as a result of the wounds on his feet caused by his diabetes.

He is also –and this is a first– having problems with his memory and speech, which is at times halting and slurred. So he needs our prayers in these areas. Audrey continues to struggle with her dementia and the issues and problems that go with it. Her walking and standing is also becoming more difficult for her. We also ask you to uphold the care givers in prayer.  Their responsibilities are become more difficult as Michael and Audrey both weaken and become more difficult to care for.

Please continue to uphold all of us, as well as Michael and Audrey, in your prayers. The days are difficult, the nights are long, but His grace, strength and presence – expressed through your love and support, continues to encourage each of us..

God can…

God is able to…

It is up to us to finish the sentence through/with our prayers.

-Larry Guido

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