White House Reception Pictures…

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 IMG_4459RGI have been so overwhelmed by your calls, notes and emails about the White House selection.  Several of you have actually been to the White House and saw my ornament on the tree.  You all keep asking for more and I am working on a slide show which I hope to have up soon.  Until then here are a few more images from inside the White House which is what most of you keep asking about. IMG_4579RG Here are a few of my favorites.  The photograph of the couples back is Senator Johnny Isackson and his wife Diane.  As we were leaving the President and first Lady left also – it is amazing how fast they shoot the limo’s out of the driveway.  We were just a few feet from them – when the secret service asked us to step back.  The gates began to open and lots of armed police came from nowhere – then we figured out why.  The blur gives you an idea of how they travel. 

I will catch up on my blogging after I catch my breath in a few days.  We are working around the clock to insure all of your Christmas surprises arrive on time!  From portraits to gift certificates, I think lots and lots of people are going to be VERY surprised by what Santa as asked me to do for you.IMG_4369RG IMG_4403RG

IMG_4642RG IMG_4480RG IMG_4383RGIMG_4416RG IMG_4404RG IMG_4398RG IMG_4540RG IMG_4550RG IMG_4545RG IMG_4424RG IMG_4617RG IMG_4554RG IMG_4624RG IMG_4660RG

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