Congratulations Cecile – Class of 2012!

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Duncan-10 Enjoy the video below recapping Cecile’s senior year in portraits.  Cecile is beautiful and SMART!  She was voted “Most Intellectual” by her class – so I guess it is no surprise she is Pinewood’s Valedictorian.  Cecile is witty and fun and we had fun exploring all of her personalities through her senior portrait session.  I really enjoyed getting to know and work with Cecile.  Thank you, Cecile for choosing me as your senior portrait artist.  The last two images are her actual graduation invitation.  Best wishes to you Cecile!  I will continue to watch for wonderful and great things from you! PROOF Duncan ewcc-Showcase-7x5 Marketing Promo Card-front PROOF Duncan_ewcc-Showcase-7x5 Marketing Promo Card-back-2

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