Congratulations Drew – Class of 2012!

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Sometimes there are sessions that are just special…
This was one of them.
Growing up, Drew’s Dad was my neighbor. {Of course, out in the country that is relative.}
Drew’s Mom was in my brother’s class and her Dad was my Pastor.  Dr. Perry performed our wedding, dedicated Edie Grace and was by my side during Cancer surgeries.
So, honestly, special is an understatement.

I feel so honored that they drove all the way from Atlanta to have me create these images for them. 
So many times during the session Drew would give me looks that made me freeze….he would look JUST like his Dad did when we were growing up.
{For those of you that don’t know, Drew’s Dad, Ken, lost his battle with cancer
They have been through so much as a family…
Now it is time to celebrate!
Drew, you are destined for great things….NO DOUBT!
You are an amazing guy with amazing talent.
Now it is your turn….
take this world by storm!




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