Congratulations Maggie – Class of 2012!

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Buckley1 20112 Below is a video of Maggie’s amazing senior year.  Next to Edie Grace, Maggie is probably my most photographed subject.  I have been photographing her since she was a little girl.  In 2000, she became the cover girl for our marketing material promoting our full launch of hand painted oil portraits.  Maggie Mktg 2000023 Maggie’s life sized oil remains one of my favorites and a sample of it hangs in my studio still.  It is always fun to watch children grow – but it is even more fun to watch them grow through the lens of my camera.  Without embarrassing Maggie to terribly bad I will only share a few of those early images which she featured in her senior page of her yearbook.  I am also including Maggie’s phenomenal graduation invitation and thank you note here.   Maggie is a very special young lady who continues to brighten my life in so many wonderful ways.  Maggie will stay close by, as she has chosen Georgia Southern to continue her education.  I know she will master whatever she tackles and we will continue to see wonderful things from her.

PROOF Buckley LN_SNRS02_4X5 ACCRDN_INSIDE_Green PROOF Buckley LN_SNRS02_4X5 ACCRDN_OUTSIDE_Green PROOF Buckley Thank You Chandelier Letter Press Guide Buckley Layout_3_810

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