Lori Grice Salutes the Class of 2017 Seniors

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Clifton - Class of 2017 - Southeast Bulloch High SchoolLori salutes the class of 2017 seniors and wish them well as they enter the next stage of their life. “It is a great honor to be selected by a senior to share this important story.  Every senior I photograph is special and it is such a joy to work with them,” said Lori Grice.Allen - Class of 2017 - Savannah Arts Academy

Lori Grice is known for capturing life’s milestones artistically for her clients.  She focuses on five monumental moments in life that require an investment in professional photography that will be timeless.  One of those important moments is High School Senior Portraits.Maldonado - Class of 2017 - Statesboro High School

Senior portraitReddick - Class of 2017 - Portal High Schools are some of Lori’s favorite portraits to create.  They allow her to tell an important story in your senior’s life.  “This is often the last chance to tell the individual story for your child.”

“Typically, the next season in life to be photographed professionally will be their wedding.  That is an entirely different story to be shared photographically,” said Lori Grice, Master Photographer, Lori Grice Photography.

“I choose to photograph a limited number of high school seniors.  This allows me to get to know them and Richmond - Class of 2017spend the time necessary to learn who they are, what their ambitions are and what is important to them in this season of life.  It is a time to reflect and celebrate.”Fennell - Class of 2017 - Bulloch Academy



Long - Class of 2017 - Wayne County High School

Rising 2018 Seniors

Now is also the time for rising 2018 seniors who are interested in commissioning Lori to reserve your spot.  Lori limits the total number of seniors she photographs by school.  This allows Nguyen - Class of 2017 - Trinity Christian Schoolher work to remain fresh and ensures each senior will have senior portraits that are as unique as they are.

Senior portrait commissions begin at $500 and include a design consultation, the session and a credit toward your portrait purchases.Taylor - Class of 2017 -

Email Lori at info@lorigrice.com or call 912-764-7274 to reserve your spot.  View Lori’s work at www.facebook.com/lori.grice.photo or her website at www.LoriGrice.comMcLeod - Class of 2017 - Tattnal County High School


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