Life: Full Circle….FAST!

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Betty and DeWayne GriceI remember how incredibly nervous I was 33 years ago this month when my grandmother Betty Grice took me to get my drivers license.  It really proved to be not that big of a deal.  Everything went well and fortunately, my years of driving have been pretty uneventful.  Today my mother, aunt and I accompanied my 84 year old grandmother (who I call mom because she is truly my second mom) to renew her license for what she thinks may be the last time.  For weeks she has prepared paperwork and pretty much aggravated my best friend, Judge Darin McCoy, and his staff to death making sure everything was in order.  Her nervousness brought back a flood of wonderful memories from all those years ago.

Vividly I recall her giving me instructions on the way over 33 years ago about what NOT to do.  She was about the age I am now on that visit.  Funny how I found myself giving her the same instructions on our way over to the drivers licence office.  “Now mamma only speak when spoken too, don’t give answers to questions not asked, listen and follow their instructions,” I confidently instructed her.  Of course, she didn’t need any of that advice, just like I didn’t need it way back when.  It went well, she aced everything and was issued her brand new driver’s license.

She was like a 16 year old, getting her licence for the first time.  Those of us who live in rural Georgia, understand the extra importance of still having the freedom and ability to “take care of yourself.”  It is an independence that is celebrated just as much at 84 as I did at 16.

This probably doesn’t mean much to most of you reading, but for us it was a very special day.  It is crazy how fast time is traveling because it only seems like yesterday I was 16.  It also, gives me pause to have been so incredibly blessed with wonderful parents, and grandparents.  To have them around for all these years to share our lives and create so many wonderful memories.

On the way out she had me pick up the books for my daughter, Edie Grace, who in a few months I will be sharing this experience with.  From 16, to 84, to my own daughter preparing to drive.  What a thrill.  Yes it is the small things we need to pause and celebrate.  God gave me a great one today and I am counting my blessings!

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