Nothing pleases Mom more than a Lori Grice Family Portrait

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Legacy Family Portrait

How will your grandchildren’s children remember you?

The older we get, the more we understand that our greatest role in life is to be a great parent. Many of us become so focused on this goal that we sometimes forget to enjoy the journey along the way. For the past three decades, Lori Grice has been documenting, artistically the legacy, love and endurance of families with a family portrait.
“There is no responsibility greater than capturing a child or a family and freezing a wonderful moment in time, knowing that generations will relive this very moment,” explained Lori. “There are literally thousands of people with cameras who can take your picture, but what I work to capture is so much more than ‘just a picture.’ It is your story, told either through a single portrait, a collection of portraits throughout your life or an album that eloquently and artistically tells your story.”Three Generation Family Portrait
Often, clients who have commissioned Lori share their love of the portraits and albums she has created for them. No matter who has photographed their family before or after Lori, they define and describe her work as a masterpiece…one that they will cherish forever.Five Generation Family Portrait
“I just have to tell you that every day I enjoy the portraits and album you created for my family more than the day before. I am in awe at the passion that goes into your work. You can tell that what you do is a labor of love! Every portrait brings back so many wonderful memories of my family and have made me shed several tears. Thank you for continuing to be a special part of our family!” Shirl Ellis.Senior Horse Beach Portrait
Lori’s work profoundly changed after a battle with cancer, when her daughter Edie Grace, was only 14 months old.
“I realized that if cancer won, the only way my daughter would remember me was through portraits. This is the gift I give my clients every day. My portraits become a window into their soul. One that will always take them back to this wonderful place in time,” Lori said. “This is why I am a perfectionist at what I do. This is why I put my heart and soul in every portrait that I create. I value life and the responsibility of sharing it, like no one else will.”
This Mother’s Day, is the perfect time to commission Lori Grice for “THE PORTRAIT” of your family. There is no investment you will make that you will appreciate more than a Lori Grice portrait of your family. More importantly, there is no better way to honor all the mom’s in your life.
Contact Lori today at (912) 764-7274 or at to purchase a gift certificate for your mom or to schedule your portrait session. Lori Grice Photography is located at 34 East Main Street in Downtown Statesboro across from the Emma Kelly Theater. www.lorigrice.comOutdoor Family Portrait

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