Wedding Photography the Lori Grice WAY!

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28-cwf 6p1010 _1I   do not shoot many weddings now.  Yes I know….many of you want me to give up my Wedding Photography sabbatical.  Every week…sometimes every day, one of you call me to try to persuade me to photograph your wedding.  With wedding options more challenging than ever, I understand your desperation.  I have published my top TEN tips for hiring a wedding photographer because of the HORROR stories I have heard from you about your wedding photographers.  A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to get a small taste of Wedding Photography again.  The cute couple,IMG_7060 Nikki and Bradley – who you have seen on here and some candid’s from their wedding on previous blogs –  invited me to their wedding.  It was so hot their wedding photographer allowed me to help her with some of the posing.  It was fun to shoot a wedding again as a second photographer – without the stress of being the primary photographer.  The venue was so beautiful and the couple – well as you have already seen – could be models.  So let me know what you think?  67-spf 510_2

          If you can’t commission me as your wedding photographer – you still can commission me to create your Engagement images, Save the Date cards, and Bridal portraits!IMG_7024IMG_7018 IMG_7072 IMG_7084 IMG_7113 IMG_7092

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