Your Story: “Making impossible…possible”

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By: Carolyn Lynch – Vienna, Virginia

Lynch We visit our cousins in Savannah every Labor Day weekend and in 2005 we decided that we wanted some special pictures of our 9 month old son Shane. We live in Northern Virginia and this would be our son?s first professional photo shoot.

We got your name from our cousins who live in Savannah and they recommended you because you photographed some other family members of theirs on Tybee beach and they loved your work.

Our relationship with Lori began on the phone in July of 2005. One of the unique things that I found with Lori is that she wanted to set up a phone session to find out about us and what we were looking for in our photographs. We have used professional photographers before and we were never asked ahead of time what we were looking for.

Lori took the time to get to know us and find out what we were looking for. One of the things I said to Lori was that I wanted to get some great shots of my son on the beach. He was not yet walking and I knew this would be the last time I could get away with taking photographs of Shane without having to chase him everywhere?.and take the sand out of his mouth.

Lori suggested that the morning time was better, but warned me that she had no control over the weather and we might have to have a backup plan.

We flew into Savannah on Thursday and our pictures were scheduled for the Saturday of Labor day weekend at around 6:00am. That would mean that we would have to be up at 4:00am to get ready for the pictures?.yes 4am with a 9 month old. I turned my cell phone on at 3:30 am to find a message from Lori telling me that a big storm had blown into Tybee and it was way to windy to take pictures on the beach. I was so upset because we were only in town for one more day and I knew that my beach pictures would not happen.

Lori assured me we could do the photo shoot somewhere else, but she knew I had my heart set on the beach.

Later on that day we met Lori at Forsyth Park and decided we would take the majority of the pictures there. We thought we were finished with the session until Lori suggested that we take a ride to the beach and see how the weather was doing at the point. It was around 5:00 pm now.

We drove to the beach and it was still really windy but we managed to set up a beach chair at the top of the stairs and my son sat in it for three photos until the wind picked up again. Lori didn?t think she got any great shots but it was time to go home.

We had a unique situation in that we lived out of state and we were going home the next day so we couldn?t view our photos in the studio. DeWayne was so wonderful. He helped us go online and walk through every photo together. He helped us select photos and really made our experience special. We now have one collage in our entrance way and there are three pictures in a row?all of Shane at the beach. The only three pictures Lori took came out great after all.

I would have to say the most wonderful memory I have of my photo experience with Lori Grice back in 2005 was that I was 7 weeks pregnant at the time of our photo shoot in Savannah and I had just started getting a little belly. Little did I know that my photo shoot was not only with my son and my husband but my daughter was in the picture too? We are getting ready for photo shoot number two this coming Labor Day. My son is now 2

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